Documentary of TWA Flight 800 Crash Calls to Reopen Case Investigation

A documentary about the TWA Flight 800 out of JFK airport in 1996 has been scheduled to premier on the EPIX cable channel. Controversy surrounds the unfortunate aviation accident because many witnesses and a few official investigators suspect foul play. While the original National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had determined that a center wing fuel tank had exploded, witnesses who had seen the plane go down claimed it had been struck by some kind of missile.

Seventeen years later, the investigators interviewed in documentary are calling for the NTSB to reopen the case, even though the investigation had spanned four years. Unsatisfied with the original verdict, they feel that too many elements are left unexplained.

Holes found in the right wing suggested that an explosion had happened outside of the plane. There were concerns that some evidence had been tampered with. Information on the website of Williams Kherkher indicates that if a defect in the plane is found, it could create a drastic change in the legal scope of this plane crash. The suspicious investigators also considered the numerous witness testimonies credible, in spite of any error that could have resulted from imperfections in human memory.

The documentary makers have also submitted a formal petition to the NTSB, which will be reviewed and replied to by a vote from five board members. The documentary will air on July 17th in remembrance of the day of the fatal crash.