Why is it Always a Miss?

So, that was your last round of ammunition, and you didn’t even manage to hit the paper! Not hitting your target even after many attempts can be so discouraging. To help you regain your confidence, here are the possible reasons why you are constantly missing your target, and the things you can do about it.

Improper handling

Before you consider bringing your rifle back to its manufacturer, check first if you are firing the gun the way it should be fired. Improper handling is one of the most common causes of a target miss. However, if you believe you’re a pro and are confident enough with your marksmanship skills, try using different ammo. If you get better results, chances are the problem is not you.

Inaccurate scopes and sights

Some gun stores conduct and local gun clubs conduct sight testing to check if your sight is aligned properly. If not, have it realigned or replaced.

Dirty barrel

As you use your ammo more often, copper fouling may start to accumulate in the inside lining of your barrel, which may affect the accuracy of your rifle and may result in a miss. This is because the inside lining of your barrel has helical grooves that keeps the bullet stable as it moves into a projectile. If these groves are marred with copper, then accuracy might be compromised. You can prevent this by simply cleaning your barrel on a regular basis.

Too much recoil

Too much felt recoil can affect how you handle your ammo and may result in a miss. Recoil is the gun’s automatic backward reaction as the bullet fires forward. According to the website of Suppressed Weapon Systems, certain types of barrels are designed to reduce recoil, which helps a lot in improving precision.

Incompatible bullets

Not all bullets are the same. Certain ammunition work efficiently with certain guns, while some others don’t. You can prevent missing your targets by knowing which ammunition works best for your gun.