Danger on the Eagle Ford Shale

The growth of the Eagle Ford Shale has created a boom in the United States, and in Texas specifically. With its discovery, there has been a growth in the manufacturing, power, and many other sectors of the economy. It has helped in boosting up the US during the recent economic depression.

Shale gas is a natural gas that is produced by shale, and it has become a big and important alternative source of energy. Research even shows the use of shale gas has helped lower the carbon emissions by 20 percent. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why people are clamoring to get a piece of it. With the availability of vast natural reserves, it is not surprising why there are a lot of businesses opening up, giving people a lot of opportunities for work.

However, with the sudden increase of people and traffic in the area, there have been many reports of accidents, not only in the work site but also on the roads. With the rush to extract and market the product, workers have been injured while working on the Eagle Ford Shale. Commercial vehicle accidents have also increased, causing people to become worrisome when traveling on Texas roads. Reports from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics state that workplace accidents amount to 250,000 cases every year, with deaths reported to be one in every 2.5 days.

Most of these deaths and accidents occur because of the need for quick output, prompting many companies to undermine workers’ safety and ensuring the availability and safety of the tools that are being used. Although the pay for working can be high, it may not be enough when you get injured while working on the Eagle Ford Shale. Because of the dangers that come with these types of jobs, it is important to assess whether it is enough to risk your life for big money.

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