Researchers successfully regenerate spinal cord nerve fibers, allow paralyzed patients to walk again

According to personal injury resources, damage to a person’s spinal cord can be a catastrophic injury that results in impaired movement, up to quadriplegia or death. Regardless of the severity of the accident, the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates that any kind of spinal cord injury that impairs movement will cost a person millions of dollars over a lifetime. Spinal cord injuries are most often caused by vehicle accidents (36.5%, NSCISC), affecting men about 80% of the time, usually young and single. These types of injuries can be caused from a variety of accidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, or slip and fall accidents.

Historically, paralysis from spinal cord injury is not curable. However, researchers in China from the China Spinal Cord Injury Network (ChinaSCINet) have been experimenting with using a combination of stem cells and lithium to re-grow nerve fibers within the spine. While the use of stem cells is still controversial in the United States, international research has been steaming forward, trying to unlock stem cells’ therapeutic potential. And according to ChinaSCINet’s research, they have had unprecedented success repairing spinal cord injuries, allowing some previously paralyzed people to walk again with minimal assistance, seven years after losing function of their legs. After this success, ChinaSCINet decided to push their spinal cord regeneration research through a third and final trial, involving patients from four countries around the world.

Dr. Wise Young, CEO of the company, noted that if this trial is successful, “we should have achieved worldwide regulatory approval by the beginning to the middle of 2015.” What was once considered a biblical miracle could become a widespread medical reality, very soon.


Burn Injuries and Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are one of the most painful and traumatic events in any family’s life. With a loved one lost at the fault of someone else, it can difficult to move on and live life normally again, especially if the loved one is the one who supports the financials of the family. The only way to help ease this monetary burden is to file for a lawsuit through help from wrongful death attorneys.

Burn injuries are among the most traumatic accidents and injuries that a person can suffer from. Severe burns often result in fatalities, especially if the victim has suffered significant body surface damages and infections. Severe burn accidents occur mostly in the workplace; those who work with fire, chemicals, and strong heat are the ones who are in danger the most. Car crashes also contribute to fatalities due to severe burns.

It must be understood that burns are a common workplace injury; therefore wrongful death from such injuries can surely be prevented or avoided through proper safety measures and implementations. Severe burns does not only causes catastrophic pain and suffering, it can cause deep emotional stress and trauma, and (depending on the severity of the injury) could lead to certain lifestyle changes and long time off from work due to rehabilitation.

A critical burn can have many damaging effects to the body, leading to death if the victim is not tended immediately and effectively. Critical burns are those that include:

  • Burns that affect a significant portion of the body
  • Causing breathing difficulties to the victim
  • Affected the face, neck, hands, and feet of the victim
  • Burns that are caused by strong chemicals, explosions, and electricity

Severe and considerable burns are among the most expensive and difficult injuries to treat and they can take much of your time as well. Approximately 10, 000 people die from severe burns every year, and many of them are due to the reckless or negligent behavior of others. Seeking the help of wrongful death attorneys are one of the ways that help bring justice and comfort to those who have been left victims of such accidents.


Dangerous Side Effects of Yasmin Birth Control

Family planning is an important part of every family, therefore there are many women who prefer to use birth control pills in helping them prepare until the right time they think they are ready to have a baby. One of the most famous and commonly used birth control pill is Yasmin, and it’s newer version Yaz. Yasmin is a low-dose pill that contains ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone, providing a better alternative for other women who experience negative effects from other birth control pills.

Yasmin is an FDA-approved contraceptive, but it can also be used to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD, or severe premenstrual syndrome) and acne (acne vulgaris). Even with these benefits, it is still advised to consult your health care provider to ensure that adverse side effects will not affect the women’s health, such as:

  • Jaundice, loss of appetite, or stomach pains
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Pain in the chest or a heavy feeling Ill-feeling in general (nausea, pain spreading to the arm and shoulder, sweating)
  • Migraine headaches which changes in pattern and severity
  • Blood clots (venous thromboembolisms)

There are less serious Yasmin side effects such as breast tenderness, vaginal irritation or discharge, changes in the menstrual cycle, bloating and abdominal cramps. These, however, can be treated with other medications or easily handled by the woman. If severe Yasmin side effects are felt, then it should be stopped and consulting a health care professional should be done as soon as possible.

To ensure that a woman does not have any negative reactions to taking Yasmin, there are some things to consider before doctors recommend this birth control pill to their patients. Smoking, high blood pressure, kidney/liver/adrenal disease, stroke or already existing blood clots, vaginal bleeding or other factors are and should be considered first before being prescribed Yasmin. Because Yasmin can have some reactions to other medications, it is advisable for women over the age of 35 and those who believe they are pregnant to stop taking Yasmin to avoid complicating their health and the health of their possible baby.


Danger on the Eagle Ford Shale

The growth of the Eagle Ford Shale has created a boom in the United States, and in Texas specifically. With its discovery, there has been a growth in the manufacturing, power, and many other sectors of the economy. It has helped in boosting up the US during the recent economic depression.

Shale gas is a natural gas that is produced by shale, and it has become a big and important alternative source of energy. Research even shows the use of shale gas has helped lower the carbon emissions by 20 percent. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why people are clamoring to get a piece of it. With the availability of vast natural reserves, it is not surprising why there are a lot of businesses opening up, giving people a lot of opportunities for work.

However, with the sudden increase of people and traffic in the area, there have been many reports of accidents, not only in the work site but also on the roads. With the rush to extract and market the product, workers have been injured while working on the Eagle Ford Shale. Commercial vehicle accidents have also increased, causing people to become worrisome when traveling on Texas roads. Reports from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics state that workplace accidents amount to 250,000 cases every year, with deaths reported to be one in every 2.5 days.

Most of these deaths and accidents occur because of the need for quick output, prompting many companies to undermine workers’ safety and ensuring the availability and safety of the tools that are being used. Although the pay for working can be high, it may not be enough when you get injured while working on the Eagle Ford Shale. Because of the dangers that come with these types of jobs, it is important to assess whether it is enough to risk your life for big money.


Don’t Be Afraid to Litigate

For most people, the process of law and justice can be a bit confusing. This is one of the reasons why people try to avoid lawsuits, even when they have a good chance to win in court – because they believe the process is too difficult and complicated. This is not the case, however, and it shouldn’t be. Knowing the terms that are used in court is one way to help in understanding how the system works. One of the most common court proceedings is litigation. Litigation is simply the legal process of taking a case or lawsuit in court, heard and decided by either the judge or jury. It is a very common process when it comes to civil cases. Litigation occurs when the person who filed the lawsuit (called the plaintiff) has reached out and tried to settle the issue with the person who caused the declared injury (called the defendant) but have not succeeded. It may be a hard decision to go to court, mainly because it is lengthy and could cost money. It is, however, the best option to choose after negotiations or settlements have not been agreed upon. Some of the main advantages of litigation are:

  1. It is an open, transparent process.
  2. It follows a strict and uniform law of the land.
  3. The result is final and binding (however, it may still be subject to appeal in higher court)

Hiring a lawyer for litigation is highly advised because they can better represent you and your cause in court therefore increasing your chances of getting the result you prefer. To employ a lawyer is highly vital when it comes to accident cases because they can protect you from being taken advantage of by the defendant’s side. There are even lawyers who work on a contingency basis: meaning they get paid after the case has been settled. Court proceedings should not be something to fear; being informed about the whole process through the help of a good lawyer is the best way to go through the case. Be informed and knowledgeable about court proceedings to avoid losing your case.